simpy — The end user API

The simpy module provides SimPy’s end-user API. It aggregates Simpy’s most important classes and methods. This is purely for your convenience. You can of course also access everything (and more!) via their actual submodules.

Core classes and functions

  • Environment: SimPy’s central class. It contains the simulation’s state and lets the PEMs interact with it (i.e., schedule events).
  • Interrupt: This exception is thrown into a process if it gets interrupted by another one.


  • Container: Models the production and consumption of a homogeneous, undifferentiated bulk. It may either be continuous (like water) or discrete (like apples).
  • Store: Allows the production and consumption of discrete Python objects.
  • FilterStore: Like Store, but items taken out of it can be filtered with a user-defined function.


[Not yet implemented]



Runs SimPy’s test suite via py.test.