simpy.util — Utility functions for SimPy

This modules contains various utility functions:

simpy.util.start_delayed(env, generator, delay)

Return a helper process that starts another process for generator after a certain delay.

process() starts a process at the current simulation time. This helper allows you to start a process after a delay of delay simulation time units:

>>> from simpy import Environment
>>> from simpy.util import start_delayed
>>> def my_process(env, x):
...     print('%s, %s' % (, x))
...     yield env.timeout(1)
>>> env = Environment()
>>> proc = start_delayed(env, my_process(env, 3), 5)
5, 3

Raise a ValueError if delay <= 0.


Register at the event to receive an interrupt when it occurs.

The most common use case for this is to pass a Process to get notified when it terminates.

Raise a RuntimeError if event has already occurred.